Favorite Books

Here are some of my favorite books, of course I expect the list to get longer and longer as time goes on. 

Jackie Collins:
I first read her books at the age of 13. My mother told me over the summer to read something. Little did she know I grabbed these books....It's because of this author that I grew a love for reading. From here on out I wanted to just read anything and everything. 

Stephanie Myer:
I know, I know! but what can I say I'm a Twilight junkie. Don't get me wrong the movies not that good but I really did enjoy reading the books:

Now, here are few other authors that I've recently discovered (2012-2013)and I've quickly fallen in love with these "types" of readings. It just brings a whole new level of imagination to the reading.
Cynthia Eden
Kallpyso Masters
Laurelin Paige
C.C. Gibbs
Gena Showalter
Liliana Hart
Elizabeth Reyes

Of course 50 Shades is another of my faves: