Saturday, June 28, 2014

Books vs e-readers

Topic for today - books or e-readers. Well I can tell you I am a book lover. I love the feel of the books, the smell when you flip through the pages (please tell me I'm not the only one that does this), I love using bookmarks. There is nothing like getting cozy with a good book. Of course you also have your difference between the hardcover and paperbacks. I prefer hardcovers because they last longer, but it really makes no difference to me. With the introduction of e-readers I will admit I was very reluctant in buying one. Why, well because I LOVE MY BOOKS, I love looking at my bookshelf and seeing all the different types of books on there. I might be old fashion in that sense. My daughter actually also prefers books, although she is a bit of a snob and only likes hardcover. 

Being that my hubby is a tech geek, we have all sorts of electronic devices in our home. I came into e-reading by way of a friend, she wanted me to read House of Night. She mentioned that I could get the book for free! If I had the reading app to download. I said fine, I will download it. I downloaded the kindle app in order to get the book and well here we are 300+ books later. 

One of the perks of the e-readers well, for starters there are free books to download. Free books is a great way to find new authors, new series, new genres, it's just a great to broaden your horizons. The books tend to be less expensive, which depends on the author and the popularity of the book/author. You can have 100's of books without having to worry about room in your home. If you are one of those people that can read more than one book at time, it's easier to do because you don't have to carry two books. 

It might seem that I'm in favor of the e-reader, but truly I'm not. I truly love my books and if it wasn't because of space limitations in my home, I would always by the book. Sadly, I don't have that much room, so when I buy a book - it has to be because I really like it. There are many perks to e-readers, I have my books with me at all times because I have my iPhone where I have my kindle app. Easy-peasy, new release comes bam! it's there. Traveling - I take my Kindle with me and because I'm a fast reader I always have something available to me to read. 

I didn't go out and by my e-reader, it was actually a gift from someone that upgraded to a Kindle Fire and didn't have the need for the regular e-Reader. Because I'm an amazon prime member, I get to check out 1 free book every month. I can only do that through the Kindle device and not the apps. Which is another reason why I took the device. I must say I use it all the time. 

So what do you think? Book or e-reader, what do you prefer? I would love to hear others thoughts on this. 

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