Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Rockstar Billionaire Series by Amy Aday

My Rockstar Billionaire
Amy Aday

Hello lovely readers, wanted to share a series that I’ve come to love. I found this author in a boxed set, I read the 1st book in the series. It was a great love story, very well developed. In this series we are introduced to Belle a curvy beauty who is visiting Punta Cana. While there she meets a very hot and sexy man named Ricky. Of course Belle can’t understand what Ricky sees in her, she sees herself as plain, and he is will a sex god! Even so, Ricky doesn’t take no for an answer – they agree to just enjoy the time they have on the island.

In the second book – Belle is surprised to see that Ricky contacts her again. Of course he has to come out with his big secret..will Belle be able to handle it?

In the third book – they must over come obstacles and people set out to ruin their happiness. Can they survive this? Is Ricky willingly to fight for Belle’s love?

This series is well written, there is such amazing chemistry between Ricky and Belle. Trust me when I say you will enjoy these books.

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