Thursday, May 21, 2015

Not Looking For Love: Episode 1 by Lena Bourne

Author: Lena Bourne

• Synopsis:

Sometimes, what you want is not really what you need.

Gail is only twenty-two years old and her mom is dying. Not just dying, she will be dead in a few days, if the doctors are to be trusted, and Gail is certain she herself won't survive that. After a run in with Scott, the hot gardener from next door, Gail begins to see him as the perfect distraction from her unbearable life. It's not love Gail wants. She just wants to feel good with someone who makes her forget, if only for a little while, and Scott fits that description perfectly.

Scott just got back into town and he's still trying to get his life back together. He already has more problems and regrets than he can ever hope to live with, and the last thing he needs is to get tangled up with a rich girl who is clearly a little unsettled, if not downright insane. But the fact that Gail is very attractive and keeps throwing herself at him makes it impossible to keep sending her away. Which he should, for Gail's sake more than his own.

Warning: This book is intended for people 18 years and older, since it contains hot, explicit sex between consenting adults, and all the bad words associated with it.

• Length: 190 pages
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My review:

I know some readers don't like serials, but I truly cannot wait to read the rest. This is the first book I read from this author and I truly am hooked! Gail is really going through a rough time, and all though she throws herself at Scott he didn't take advantage of her. There are steamy scenes, emotional ones, and the book keeps you on your toes. The book leaves you wanting more for sure! trust me you will love this one.

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