Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book - Armed with Steele

I was so happy when I was notified that I won a book!!!! I don't normally enter giveaways, I guess my thought process is if I can afford it then I can buy- leave the giveaways to people who need it more. But I love books!! The idea of being able to read something before it's released is reason enough for me to enter. Well I won!!!! You should really check out The Reading Cafe - they have great reviews on all types of books. 

I can't wait to start reading "Armed with Steele" by Kyra Jacobs. 

You can get a copy of her book on amazon I'll be back with a review once I'm done. So does anyone have any book suggestions? I love to read - mostly anything.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy reading, 

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