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Fighting Temptation by K.C. Lynn Blog Tour and Review

Title: Fighting Temptation
Series: Men of Honor, #1
Author: K.C. Lynn
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 18, 2014 
Tour Organized by: As the Pages Turn

Jaxson is arrogant, angry and aggressive. Yet he’s also beautiful, strong and honorable. I unconditionally and irrevocably love every damaged part of him. And for the boy, who didn’t believe in love, he would always and forever have mine. -Julia Sinclair 

Julia was different from anyone I’d ever met. I never thought someone so good and genuine existed until her. The more I saw of her the more I became addicted to her. Every time I was around her she would destroy some of the darkness that lurked inside of me. She made the bad shit in my life seem not so terrible. Then, before I knew it, I had fallen for a girl from another world. -Jaxson Reid 

* * * 

Julia Sinclair is your typical innocent good girl with a heart of gold. At sixteen she moved to Sunset Bay, South Carolina, to live with her Grams after losing her mother to cancer. This is where she met some of the best friends she will ever have and one in particular who will forever hold her heart. 

Jaxson Reid is your typical tattooed bad boy. His past and soul is as dark as the tattoos he bares. He flies through life and girls with no attachments and no emotions... until he met her. 

One fateful night brought Julia and Jaxson together. They formed a friendship and a bond so strong it was unbreakable. Jaxson fought the temptation of anything more with Julia because he knew he would never be good enough for her. When he found his control slipping he left the one girl, who meant everything to him, to join the Navy. 

But one passion-filled night has Jaxson letting go of fighting temptation which will forever alter their relationship. 

A few years later Jaxson comes home to make things right with the one girl who’s ever meant anything to him. Except someone isn’t happy that Jaxson has returned. Someone who thinks Julia is theirs and they will stop at nothing to make sure it stays that way... forever. 

Now Jaxson will not only fight to protect Julia but will also battle the new and existing demons that haunt his soul. 

This is a New Adult Romance and is told from both character’s pov. Due to strong sexual content, coarse language and mature subject matter this book is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. 

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I gave this book 5 stars, I love the two POV’s in the book. Oh Jaxson, he is a very very possessive alpha male. Jaxson thinks he is incapable of love not realizing that he loves Julia with all his heart. It’s great to see him finally realize this. This is book 1 in the Men of Honor Series, I can’t wait for the next one!! Excerpt: BAR SCENE- JAXSON FINALLY STAKES HIS CLAIM JAXSON “Jesus christ! This place is insane,” Cooper yells over the loud music as we make our way through the club. “No shit!” After waiting in line outside for almost 40 minutes a friend of Kayla and Julia’s spotted Cooper outside and got us in. If she hadn’t we would have waited at least another 40. It’s just Sawyer, Cooper and I. Cade decided to go to the gym instead. Sawyer says he spends most of his time there nowadays, putting his energy into working out. I have a feeling I know what he’s trying to work out of his system. My gaze searches for Julia as we weave in and out of people making our way across the crowded bar. Some chick purposefully rubs her tits into my chest as she passes by. “Sorry,” she giggles annoyingly. I ignore her and keep walking. Once we reach the bar we order a round of beers. “Holy shit there are some grabby skanks in here; my junk has been grabbed twice already,” Sawyer says, acting as if it bothers him to be assaulted. “Like you care.” The guy has screwed more than I have, which is saying something. “Hey I do! I have standards you know.” I grunt and I’m just about to say something when the breath gets knocked out of my lungs at the sight of Julia on the dance floor, looking like every guys wet dream. A new song starts that makes her and the girls go crazy and start dancing. And fuck can she dance. Her arms are thrown over her head as her hips move in rhythm to the beat. There’s a group of guys not far from them, one comes up behind her grabbing her hips to dance with her. Rage rushes through my veins, the fucker is dead. I slam my beer down and start over when Cooper grabs me, “Hold up, don’t go getting us all kicked out now.” My chest is heaving with anger when I look back to Julia. She freezes as if she can feel my furious gaze on her. She turns around, surprise flaring in her eyes when she spots me. Then she smiles smugly knowing what it’s doing to me to see this guy with his hands on her. I shake my head slowly at her, my eyes warn her of what will happen if the asshole doesn’t take his hands off her. Turning around she says something to the guy causing him to make eye contact with me. He quickly looks away when he sees me glaring at him. Julia moves her hips to the rhythm until she is facing me again. Her smug smile becomes seductive as she dances her way over to me. Heat explodes through my body, coiling low in my stomach, and everyone falls away as I watch her body move in time to the music. Once reaching me she turns around and shoves her beautiful tight ass against me. I suck in a sharp breath and grab her hips firmly, my fingers digging into her flesh. She smiles at me over her shoulder when she feels my raging hard on. Reaching one arm behind her, she curls it around my neck bringing my mouth close to her ear. Her scent penetrates my senses; the smell of lemons mixed in with her usual sweet scent. When I nip her pierced earlobe, she gasps and lets out the sexiest fucking moan, making me almost explode in my pants. I run my mouth along her slender throat, feeling the rapid beat of her pulse against my lips. I suck and lick at her delicate skin wanting to brand her with my mouth, so every fucker in the place will know she’s mine. She whimpers and grinds against me eagerly with her sweet little body. Damn! I’m so fucking turned on right now it’s taking every bit of control I have not to slip into her from behind and fuck her right here. When the song ends she turns around wrapping her arms around my neck. Surpsise flashes in her gaze when I pull her flush against me; the glazed look in her eyes is a mixture of alcohol and lust. “What are you doing at my girls’ night? I thought I said ‘no penises allowed’.” A growl erupts from my throat before I can stop it, “And what about the prick who just had his fucking hands on you. He has a dick.” She smiles, “Why yes he does. What are you going to do about it Jaxson?” My blood pressure spikes along with my dick at her challenge. I lean in close to her ear so she can hear me over the pounding music, “I’m going to take you home and bury myself so deep inside that sweet pussy of yours. My scent will cling to every part of you. Then every fucking guy in the world will know you’re mine.” I barely register her gasp before my mouth descends upon hers possessively. She whimpers against my lips, giving me access to slide my tongue in her hot, wet mouth. The kiss is desperate and every slide of our tongues is achingly perfect. I decide I need to get her out of here now. This night has been coming for a long time and I can’t wait anymore. Pulling back I stare into her glazed eyes that are burning with need and questions, “Is that what I am Jaxson, yours?” I cup the back of her neck and bring her face close to mine, our foreheads almost touching, “You’ve always been mine Julia, in every way that matters.” The uncertainty in her eyes causes my chest to tighten. She doesn’t believe me and I don’t blame her. I let out a breath, “I don’t know what the future can hold for us Jules, but I think this week has proven we can’t go back to what we had before.” Bringing her hands up she wraps her slender fingers around my wrist that is cupping the side of her neck. “Then we’ll make a new us.” I nod and tamp down the panic that threatens choke me. Please don’t let me fuck this up. “Let me take you home. I can’t wait anymore.” Her eyes search mine and I hold my breath in anticipation of her response. She nods, “Alright, let me go say goodbye first.” Leaning down I press a hard kiss to her mouth before letting her go. I look over to Sawyer, “I’m taking off. You’re ok to catch a ride with Coop?” His eyes are glued to the dance floor and he looks seriously pissed off. When I follow his gaze I realize he’s glaring fire at the guy dancing with Grace. “Ya, it’s fine,” he waves me off, not once looking away from the guy. I chuckle and say goodbye to Cooper. As I walk towards Julia I see the asshole who had his hands on her earlier, eyeing her with eagerness, as if she’s come back to dance with him. I speed up and his look vanishes when he sees me charging at them. I grab Julia from behind and she gasps in surprise when I pick her up. “What the hell are you doing?!” “Time’s up Julia, say goodbye to your friends.” She sputters in protest but I ignore her. “It’s about damn time,” Kayla yells, laughing at my retreating back. “Put me down right now Jaxson, you’re embarrassing me.” Again, I ignore her. The cool night air hits us as I push open the doors and rush Julia over to my truck. Opening the passenger door I toss her inside, her hair is a tangled mess around her pissed off face. “Ugh! You are such a neanderthal, what the hell…” I slam my mouth down on hers, silencing her protest. Her response is instant and she starts making all her sexy noises that drive me fucking crazy. I tear my mouth from hers and shove my hand up her dress. I groan when I feel her panties soaked. “I’m done waiting Julia, I need to get you home and sink into your hot pussy before I lose all control.” Her eyes flare with heat and she arches when I cup her firmly, “Oh, okay then.”

*About K.C.*
K.C. Lynn lives in a small town in Western Canada. She’s married and is a stay at home mom of four: two girls and a set of twin boys. She coaches the local high school cheerleading team and also has her own rhinestone clothing business. Her love of romance books brought her to writing her first debut novel and she looks forward to writing many more. When she’s not writing, or spending time with her family, she’s reading and loves going to the movies.

*Connect with K.C.*

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