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The Broken Part of Us by Ker Dukey and a guest post by the author!!!

Hello book lovers, 

I'm happy to be a part of this blog tour for Ker Dukey. I highly recommend reading The Broken first. I had my moments when my heart just stopped. Great continuation from the first book. Here we have 3 different POV's. Jasper's, Derek's and Kyra's. Ker does it again, with her story, I can't help but love all these characters. 

If you get a chance stop by the other blogs that are part of this tour! Many great blogs to visit. 

Tour Schedule Link: http://bit.ly/1mPqsoA

Now for our post by the author:

·      What inspired me to write this book. 
·      Jasp deserved his story told, he was a popular character and I grew to love him.

·      10 things you didn’t know about Ker Dukey:
·      I have a few books already written to release soon-ish.
·      My fave colour is red
·      I have a love for American Muscle cars
·      I love to play xbox when I get time
·      I love to sing!
·      Jared Leto owns my heart
·      I own converse in every colour :/
·      I turn of the lights and any noise when it rains, just to listen to it tap against the window, I love it.
·      I’m a libra

·      I hate the look, smell and wouldn’t never taste pate ß why do people eat that stuff

Title: The Broken Parts of Us
Series: The Broken, #2
Author: Ker Dukey
Genre: NA, Dark, Romantic Suspense
Release Date:  January 25, 2014
Tour Organized by: As the Pages Turn

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Some people search their whole life for a connection -- a reason to be here, and feel life in all of its intensity.. But what if you never wanted to experience that emotion? Jasper lived his life coldly determined never to fall in love. Some people impact your life in a moment, and will stay in your life forever from then on. What if an irresistible force crashes into you -- not once, but twice, and from a totally unexpected source? Jasper must overcome past demons that are still plaguing him and his friends. He must face future choices he never knew he would have to make. Sexual chemistry can come in all forms. When the lines blur between friendship, love and lust, a new darkness finds its way into their lives. Either these relationships survive or die forever broken ……in The Broken Parts of us

When not lost in her mind of characters Ker can be found reading or spending time with family.

She has a passion for music which kick started her writing passion. Writing lyrics has always been an outlet and way to express her emotions.

She can also be found having in-depth chats about book boyfriends on face book in some amazing groups and blogs.


Ker is offering up (1) eBook copy of The Broken & The Broken Parts of Us, (1) Signed copy of The Broken & The Broken Parts of Us or (1) Swag Pack created by Cassie Designs up for grabs.  The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM CST 02/10/2014.

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Description: TheBrokenCover.jpg

Title: The Broken
Series: The Broken, #2
Author: Ker Dukey
Genre: NA, Dark, Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 19, 2013

Purchase Link:


When River’s already broken life shattered further on her sixteenth birthday, she was forced to be with the wrong best friend of her brothers. She was meant for Sammy but circumstance and black mail forced her into a relationship with Danny, a troubled, abusive partner. Leaving the only boy she ever loved to flee. Now four years later he has returned. When her feelings and missing parts of herself that left with him return also, loyalty, restraint and love will be tested. Can she find a way to leave the threatening clutches of Danny, to finally be saved by her childhood love? Or will Danny’s hold on her tighten when more life shattering events consume their already troubled lives?

When Sammy returns home, after four years of being away from the girl that broke his heart, he’s not prepared for all his old feelings to force their way straight back into his heart. Questions that were left unasked when he left begin to plague him, when the sudden relationship between River and Danny all those years ago seems all the more confusing now. Secrets, mistrust and Danny’s possessive behavior sends up red flags and Sammy begins doubting himself for leaving in the first place. When the spark between Sammy and river finally ignites it will leave explosive consequences for everyone.

Here is an excerpt to get you started!!!

Excerpts - The Broken Parts of Us

Excerpt #1
  She stirs something inside me, primal and deep, that I refuse to give knowledge to. She's also my wet fucking dream. I want inside that tight little body so bad, but she's important to River, and as bad as I want her, I know I won't want her for longer than my needs take to be satisfied. So I don't pursue her, even though when she smiles at me, all nervous and coy, my dick strains against my jeans. I have to hold him there to stop him from tearing through and slithering up her leg. Now look at me, fucking locked into a relationship I don’t want to be in with a kid on the way I had never planned on having.
   My thoughts vanish when the door to the studio opens and Kyra steps out with fucking Hannah and her sister in tow. Kyra's eyes find mine and she offers a timid wave. She looks so sweet in her skin tight leggings and tank top. Fuck, her body is lean, but she still has curves in all the right places. Her dark red hair looks like the colour of the fancy wine Derek drinks; her pouty red lips would look so perfect around my dick. It twitches to life with my thoughts, but it’s her eyes that do it for me. They’re dark green like the grass in winter, and they have a sparkle like small pieces of crystal embedded in an emerald.
   Fuck! What a pussy I’m being. Crystal in emeralds? What the fuck?

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