Saturday, April 5, 2014

Carnal Secrets - The Phoenix Pack Series by Suzanne Wright

I was so excited when this book went up for pre-order, and then the waiting game almost killed me! I loved the 1st two books in this series, and I truly can't wait for Suzanne to release more. 

In the first two books there was a lot of hot sexy scenes, but don't expect that in this one. I understand that the author would need to build the characters though, we wouldn't want Shaya to just jump right into the sac with Nick. So it makes sense that there were not too many hot and dirty scenes like with the first two. Shaya's character I sort of had a love/hate relationship going on with her. I love how strong she was and didn't just give in to the mating urges, but at the same time I hated that she didn't even consider talking to him about why. 

I really do hope Suzanne writes more in this series, I would love to read about Dominic, and Derren. 

Overall a good book, I know some of the reviews on Amazon are a bit back and forth. I know we all have different taste, etc. So for me, it was a good book. It had me re-reading the previous two books twice each. I just love this series!

You can pick up the books on Amazon: Carnal Secrets (The Phoenix Pack Series)

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