Monday, November 4, 2013

Deceived by Eve Carter

Hiya readers, 

I downloaded Deceived book 1 by Eve Carter for free. After reading though I decided to finish reading the whole trilogy only because I don't like not knowing, not because I felt compelled to read them. Although they are not what I would call bad horrible books, they just didn't do that whole OMG I want to know feeling I get when I'm reading. The books have been compared to Fifty Shades and The Blackstone Affair, although I have not read The Blackstone Affair I can tell you not really up to comparing to Fifty Shades. Simply because the lack of character build up. Pricing was another issue for me. Sometimes these books are really over priced, these being one of those times. I can see paying $0.99 for the books but not $2.99, the books were not long enough to be paying so much for them.  Again, it's not a horrible read but not the best for the price. Those are just my thoughts.

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