Sunday, November 17, 2013

The MacKenzie's Series by Liliana Hart

It was a busy week which is why I didn't post much on here last week. 

Have you read The MacKenzie's Series by Liliana Hart? If you haven't you should pick it up. She has two sets of The MacKenzie's the first set is The MacKenzies the stories are short so don't go in expecting a long novel. But if you like short stories these are great. Next in the series are The MacKenzie Security Series these are the stories of the other side of The MacKenzie family (cousins). I love how she tied in the families together and even keeps them coming up in each other's story lines. I must admit my favorite from the two sets is the Security Series, the stories were longer and more developed as well as very exciting as each story of the brothers builds up from the last story. Whereas in the first series, you are basically just getting a story on how each of the brothers falls in love. The exception is the last book in the first series because that one introduces you to the Security Series and the stories go from there. 

There is also a spin off series, I haven't started to read it yet, but you will see once you read the last book in the Security Series. 

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