Friday, November 29, 2013

Blurred Lines Series by Breena Wilde

Good evening! 

I came across this series by accident, but so happy I did! It's a great story line - basically a pretty woman kinda of story but with a little dark twist to it. I love me some Zane, now he is a bit dark but there is something about how he came to terms with his feelings for Cadence. He has a hard time expressing it but it shows in the little things he does. Cadence has a hard time accepting her feelings for him and in the beginning she battles between her feelings for John and then for Zane. The scenes are smoking hot! These are a series and my only issue is having to wait for the next book to come out. This last book really left it on a cliff hanger. The good thing though is that Breena puts out the next book fairly quick. The next book out will be the last in the series so if you haven't GO CATCH UP NOW!! You can get books 1-4 on Amazon for .99- which is a great deal. 

Blurred Lines Series

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