Monday, December 2, 2013

Breaking Brandon by Elizabeth Reyes

I'm so happy to be participating in this Book Blitz for Breaking Brandon. Elizabeth Reyes has done it again! This is book two in the Fate Series, which is a spinoff from The Moreno Brothers Series. We first meet Brandon in Sweet Sofie (if you haven't read Sweet Sofie I highly recommend you do as this is a spinoff from that story). 

Breaking Brandon starts off with a bit of character building to some people the story might be slow in getting off. But I think it was important to understand what Brandon is feeling and thinking and why he acted the way he did in Sweet Sofie. We get to see his point of view of the incidents in Sweet Sofie. 

Regina is an amazing strong willed women. It was wonderful to see how she managed to pull Brandon from his "no love" type of thinking. 

This book has some amazing twists, there was one section that I was totally cringing and had to stop to take a breather and come back to see how things turn out. 

 Here is an excerpt to get you started!!

He’d just taken a bite of the pizza and the flavors had exploded in his mouth when he heard the tail end of Regina’s conversation and froze.
“She’s dating my Ricardo? Are you sure it’s the same one?”
Chewing slowly, he waited as Regina paused and he heard the refrigerator door open. “Get out!” she said, suddenly sounding a little too giddy for someone who’d just walked away in such a somber mood. “She’s bringing him Sunday? Does she know he’s my ex?”
She paused again while Brandon swallowed down his pizza. It went down a little harder than he’d expected.
“Oh, wow. Did she say if he’s still surfing? I wonder if he still looks the same.”
After hearing that, Brandon started toward the kitchen. He didn’t want to be petty, but Regina’s interest in her Ricardo was irritating as shit, so he figured he may as well get close enough to hear every word. It wasn’t like she’d hushed her voice or was trying to keep this conversation private, so he leaned against the kitchen entryway and took another bite, looking straight at her. Suddenly, she seemed uncomfortable. It was almost as if it’d just hit her that Brandon could hear what she’d been talking about.
Clearing her throat, she turned away and reached into the fridge. “No, don’t be silly.” Now she lowered her voice, making Brandon chew slower in an effort to remain calm. “I know she’s annoying, but I’m seeing someone now, remember? Besides, I wouldn’t play those immature games. Listen,” she said, abruptly turning back to Brandon with a smile. “We were about to eat. I’ll call you later. Let me know if there is anything you need me to bring.”
She hung up and put the phone down on the counter. “You want a soda?” she asked, reaching back for the refrigerator handle.
Brandon shook his head, staring at her as he stuck the last piece of pizza in his mouth and continued to chew.
“Did you like it?” she asked, smiling brightly.
Again his response was nonverbal; he simply nodded but continued to stare at her. She tried walking past him, but he didn’t move. His body took up most of the door frame, so she stopped, placing her hand over his chest. The tiny smirk on her face relieved him slightly. Obviously, she wasn’t too worried about this.
“My sister was just telling me about my cousin’s new boyfriend.”
“I heard.” He finally spoke up. “Your Ricardo?”
She brought her fingers over her mouth in an attempt to hide a bigger smile. “I just meant my ex.”
Brandon brought his hand around her and squeezed her ass, making her yelp then laugh nervously. “Your ex who you’re still curious about?”
“No,” she said, caressing his face as she pressed her body against his. “Not curious.” She pecked him softly. “I just haven’t seen him in years.”
She tried to kiss him again, but he pulled back. “Curious,” he restated then nipped her bottom lip as he brought his other arm around her and squeezed her other ass cheek even harder. “What kind of immature games was your sister asking you to play?”
That surprised her though she quickly recovered and kissed him a little more aggressively, but he pulled away again.
“Answer the question, Regina,” he said, spreading her ass cheeks and sliding his fingers upwards.
He almost smiled at her gasping, but he continued to stare in her suddenly aroused eyes.
“Our cousin can be annoying, so my sister thought it’d be fun if I flirted with him Sunday.”
He spun her around and pinned her against the kitchen wall. “And that’s how you refer to me to your family? Someone you’re seeing?” Before she could respond, he ripped her panties off. “Is it? Not your boyfriend? I thought we discussed this?”


  1. This is a favorite scene of mine. Thanks for posting it.

    1. thanks for stopping by Shelley.
      I love this story!