Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Christmas Wish - Dane by Liliana Hart

Hi there everyone!

I just finished reading A Christmas Wish - Dane, and all I can say is I'm in love with the MacKenzie's all over again. I'm so happy that Liliana decided to give us more MacKenzie stories. I know I've mentioned the MacKenzie's you should know I LOVE THIS SERIES. 

The story picks up right after Dane and Charlotte reunite. Dane is struggling to convince Charlotte to marry him while trying to bond with his son and finally make them a family. It's a fast read, but the story itself is wonderful, you realize how united the MacKenzie clan really is. 

You do need to read Dane first, so if you haven't go ahead and pick it up it's free on Amazon. 

You can also check out Liliana Hart on Facebook and her webpage

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